The Ins and Outs of Quality Outdoor Audio

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Outdoor speaker in back yard pool patio entertainment space, concealed by bushes.

Outdoor speaker systems are often an afterthought in the building of a home and can sometimes struggle to meet the needs of homeowner’s expectations. This usually occurs when standardized speaker layouts are applied in ways that do not fit a particular yard, pool area, or outdoor living space.

One size does not fit all.

Audiophile quality planter speaker installed by Custom Audio Video to provide excellent sound quality to pool goers.

A properly designed outdoor audio system will do two things; first it will cover the intended area with an evenly distributed level of sound, avoiding the creation of hotspots where the volume level is too loud and other areas where it is two low. This is typically achieved by using a higher quantity of smaller speakers, rather than a few large ones. Those who have visited a theme park like Disney World have experienced very precise examples of this evenly distributed comfortable to listen to quality of sound, made possible by many small speakers hidden throughout the landscape.

The second thing an outdoor audio system should do is deliver a high fidelity of sound. One way to make sense of outdoor speakers is to think of them as competing with an infinite amount of air. Indoor speakers, can pressurize a room with sound, seeming louder, and delivering more bass tones. Outdoor speakers on the other hand require greater amplification power and better materials to accomplish the same level of quality. Selecting quality speakers and amplification systems is the first step to reaching a pleasurable outdoor listening experience.

Questions about audio in the outdoors? Contact Custom Audio Video today for a free consultation. There are many options both large and small, that can be properly scaled to fit any exterior space.

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