Lighting Control Systems for the Smart House

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Lighting has come a long way since 18th-century oil lamps. Now, thanks to the most recent technological innovations, individuals and families have more control than ever over the lighting of their homes.

Whether it’s programming lights to turn on upon arrival or setting up motion sensors to guide the path through tricky steps at night, homeowners can now utilize advanced lighting control systems for personalized indoor and outdoor use.

Homeowners have also been utilizing advanced lighting control systems to create environmentally friendly smart homes. For example, these systems have the potential to detect unnecessary energy consumption and instantly make the slight changes necessary to reduce energy emissions down to a more sustainable level.

At Custom Audio Video, our automated home solutions Savannah experts can work with you to design the perfect control system to fit any of your personal, recreational or environmental needs.

Central Control System

The central control system is a key component in designing your personalized lighting system. In order to fully understand its potential, it is best to think of the central control system as a computer in which you can program your lighting needs and priorities.

It is often recommended that you create a plan that specifies what your lighting needs and priorities entail. These can be as customizable as you’d like, but plans are generally built around the following concerns:

  • Providing just the perfect amount of light at the right time of the day.
  • Establishing when and where light will be needed for basic residential use.

If they’d like, homeowners can further extend the customization process by examining more specific situations, such as a room’s precise time of use. For example, some homeowners may want to program bathroom lights to automatically turn on or off the moment someone enters or leaves the room.

Easy User Functionality

Our lighting control systems are supremely user-friendly: Homeowners will be able to easily program their lights to prevent potential accidents such as leaving them on while away on a weekend vacation. And, thanks to top of the line lighting control, owners can even feel like they are on a vacation right in their own home. Just dim the dining room lights to your exact preference and you could very well find yourself feeling as though you were in the VIP suite of a romantic Italian restaurant.

Or perhaps you have had a long day and want to wind down by reading a book. No longer will you have the annoying distraction of excessive glaring lights, for you can easily program your control system to distribute just the right amount of light needed for reading – nothing more, nothing less!

Of course the ideas described above sound great, but how exactly do you program a lighting control system? This is where you can relax and let Custom Audio Video do what we do best. Our highly trained professional installers will assist you in learning how to operate and customize the central control system to your preference. Contact us today to get started building the smart home of your dreams!

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