Why Upgrading Your WiFi Is More Beneficial Than You Might Think

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WiFi has become almost as ubiquitous (and necessary) as the air we breathe. Aside from having it in your home, you are able to connect to the web via laptop, tablet or smartphone while in hotels, airports, restaurants, supermarkets and yes, even churches. By having the ability to log on as a “Guest,” we have connectivity virtually anywhere.

The Importance of Adequate WiFi

Convenient? Yes. However, if we step back into the home, we see that WiFi has become more than mere convenience, but rather, an integral part of the lifestyles of many. Still, this is a resource to which few give much thought. Considered a utility like electricity or water, we seldom ask “what is the condition of my electrical current?” or “should I upgrade my water?” The same is true about WiFi — until a problem pops up. And these problems frequently arise when a new wireless device is added to the home, or shortly after a house guest inquires, “What’s the password to your WiFi router?”

A WiFi signal is indeed like the water running through your pipes, or better yet, like vehicles on local roads. More cars on the road, and you’re going to be moving slower. Throw in a couple of semi-trucks, and it’s time to call home and request your dinner be kept warm, ’cause it’s going to be a while.

Additional users and devices on your network can reduce speeds to the point that visiting loved ones ask “what’s going on with your WiFi?” These extra devices are the cars on your road. What’s the semi? Your smart TV, streaming Blu-Ray player or the media player, such as an Apple TV or Roku.

Make Sure Your WiFi Is up to the Task

So, how do we ensure our WiFi is up to snuff? If we accept that technology advances at a pace such that it is obsolete by the time it gets to retailers, we should also recognize that the router serving our new technology is probably going to need upgrading. A faster tablet is only going to pull information from the web as fast as the router that feeds it data. The same goes for streaming media, like movies. The latest box office hit involves a great deal of data when streaming from your Apple TV, making the question “Is my router up to the task, or is the movie going to buffer and freeze on my TV?” one that needs to be addressed.

In addition to the base router being current and capable of handling the load intended for it, signal interference is an important consideration. WiFi strength diminishes over distance and through interference from lighting, wiring and materials used in the construction of homes. This can be remedied by employing Access Points; devices that transmit a strong WiFi signal originating from the base router.

Ultimately, network performance requirements vary among users, but most will need some guidance in ensuring their WiFi is capable of serving at desired levels, so take some time to visit your local integrator and make sure to talk to the experts. The results of upgrading your wireless connection can be very rewarding.

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