Making Your Outdoors Summer Friendly

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The summer months are quickly approaching…the pollen problem is finally gone, the pool just got a new filter, your backyard trees and flowers have fully budded, and the lawn guy has taken care of the fallen leaves. So…what are you waiting for? Turn that winter-mode off and enjoy the beauty of your backyard.

Here are a few tips on transforming that desolate no-man’s land of a backyard that you have right now into a welcoming, blissful, party kind of an oasis, that will surely make anyone who comes to visit you this season feel downright lucky!

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  1. Outdoor Speakers: They are an absolute MUST! Custom Audio Video can install attractive, weather-friendly, high quality, surround-sound speakers permanently to the perimeters of your backyard. You can easily control them through your smart phone, tablet or voice-control. Changing music stations and volume will be a breeze. Say goodbye to the days where you had to haul your portable Sonos back and forth to the outside. Now, say hello to the clean, classy, permanent look of installed outdoor speakers.


  1. Outdoor Lighting: What good is a backyard oasis if you can’t splendor in it at night, right? Furthermore, a backyard bursting with plants requires the ambience associated with soft, private lighting. We know that it would be an absolute shame if no one could see the new flower bed you just made, so let Custom Audio Video help you make your backyard shine…anytime of the day. We can meet with you at your house, and you can show us points of interest, pathways and areas that you want to be able to see safely at night. It’s that easy. There won’t be any cords or plug-ins for you to have to deal with. Plus, we’ll set up it so that you can easily control it from your phone or tablet.


  1. Covered Outdoor Areas: We all know that the weather around here is amazing during this time of year. However, we also know that we lost some of our trees with prior hurricanes, and that means we’ve lost some of the precious shade that we’re use to. It’s time to incorporate having a pergola, gazebo or some other covered outside area to protect you from the shade. Even though we don’t build structures, we can definitely hook you up with the lighting, fan system, auto shades, speaker system and visual equipment to make the place fitting for royalty. Your house will be the place all your friends want to go to so much, that you may start charging an entry fee.


  1. Pool: There is not a single person that can deny it, this area of the country during the summer months can be downright brutal if you don’t have any water to plunge yourself into. Whether it’s above ground or in-ground, if you want to have a backyard that’s truly visit able, you’ve got to install a pool. Once again, we can’t help you with that part, but we can control the lighting, temperature, jets, cleaning schedule and motorized pool cover that the pool requires.


  1. Security Cameras: Now, we all know you don’t want someone to come and steal your dream backyard from you, so it’s probably time to question whether that new grill is worth protecting. Let Custom Audio Video help provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. We can discretely place security cameras, motion sensors, and lighting around the perimeters of your house. This will deter even the most boldest of criminals out there…especially if you have light sensors.


Well…you’ve got a lot to do. You’ve got to buy plants, extend the patio, skim the pool, create new pathways, make plans for shade, and perhaps you’ve got to surf the net for some new outside furniture. Yes, much work lay ahead, but all of it goes to waste if you can’t hear anything while you’re back there and enjoy looking at it through the night. 

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