The Importance of Finding a Great Programming Company

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Today’s technology is constantly evolving and home automation is no exception. There are simple, stand-alone “do-it-yourself” products (that you can pick up at your local big box store), and of course there are more robust systems available from specialty retailers. With the plethora of products out there, there is definitely something out there for everyone. However, when you try to tie all of these various products together, you will learn that what you most need is a programmer. Today’s technology can control many aspects of your home but all these technologies speak different languages essentially. Therefore, a programmer’s job is to be a translator of sorts turning what each piece of equipment in your system is saying into a language that you, the end user, can understand via control interfaces such as your phone or tablet. This makes choosing the right programmer for your job just as important as the products itself.

When choosing a company to do your programming, you want to look for a few things. Obviously, you want a company that has experience programming the system that you are using. The old saying that “the path is laid with good intentions” holds true here. A company with years of experience is much more likely to provide you a robust and trouble-free system than one who doesn’t have the experience. Also, of high importance is a company who listens to you, the end user, about what you want and how you want to accomplish those goals. If a company is unwilling to discuss your operation goals with you, then how are they to build a system with your ease of use in mind?

Another factor to look at is the level of products that are provided by the company that you choose. This will give you an idea concerning the level of expertise that they will provide. Is their store just a smaller version of your local big box retailer, or does the company provide top tier brands? Is the company an authorized dealer? Authorized dealers of top tier brands typically have to meet certain levels of training and expertise to ensure proper installation and service. Education in the product that is being used in your system as well as access to official support channels can be key to a properly programmed system.

Can the company provide references to other systems similar, in scope to what you may want to accomplish? This can be a helpful factor in deciding whether a company is the right fit for you. Now, even though you may ultimately choose something different than what they originally referenced, it should still provide you with an idea of whether the company and its programming staff are the right fit for you.

Another important question should be about aftercare or service support after the sale. Even after your system is complete, you are going to want a company who will be there to add future technologies and help maintain the system. You will also want a company that you can easily request a house-call visit if you are struggling with a particular feature.

With Custom Audio Video, we are here to help from start to finish, and then after that as well. We would love to introduce you to some of our newest products. We can take the confusion out of configuring your system and be the programmer that stream-lines it all together so that you no longer have to do the juggling. Come to our showroom and let us show you the possibilities.

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