How to Gift a New AV System

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There are many great technology gifts out there for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, but for those who look to go above and beyond, installing a new or upgraded technology system isn’t an impossible task.

HIgh quality stereo system with Bowers & Wilkins speakers and McIntosh electronics

Many hold that trying to gift someone an installed technology system like a high-quality stereo or new wall-mount television might be too difficult to plan for a particular holiday or life milestone, but with some foresight and insight, this can be a delightful and unexpected gift for a loved one. Here are some pointers on how to pull off such an incredible gift:

Sonos speaker on shelf

Know the Person

It may seem obvious, but knowing the person to whom the gift will be given is the first step. Are they into music or movies? Is gadgetry or hiding technology a source of glee to them? Speak to an AV designer about key interests that can help conjure up creative ideas on how to install a new system in a home or how an add-on to an existing one.

Establish a Reasonable Scope

Another concern is to limit the project scope in such a way that the installation can be completed in at most one or two days. So, things like adding a soundbar to a bedroom television or setting up a classic stereo hi-fi in an office are good ideas. Options like house-wide lighting control or an automated shading system would be a bridge too far and risk the entire operation. This writer, having designed a few such gift-AV systems in his day, definitely recommends small but high-performance solutions for the gift.

Start Early

The most important factor for pulling off an amazing installed gift is scheduling. Talk with your AV designer as early as possible. Planning the perfect solution takes time, and the world of supply chain delays that we now live in is also a consideration. In general, this writer would recommend starting at least two months before the installation would be needed. This will allow ample time for the designer to plan, quote, and order the needed equipment, as well as block out installation time in the company schedule.

Going the extra mile to give a seemingly impossible gift is a wonderful thing. If you would like to talk with an AV system designer about the possibilities, contact Custom Audio Video today.

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