The Forgotten Light

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With so many lighting fixtures in modern homes, it’s easy for some lights to fall into infrequent use. Often times these are decorative lighting fixtures designed play a role in a home’s beauty but without a finger pressing a button they can be left out of a daily routine. Automated programming from a lighting control system can easily bring these forgotten fixtures to life.

Lighting controlled living room and dining room in beachfront home

What is Automated Programming?

If you have ever owned one of those timer devices that a lamp can be plugged into, turning the light on an off at set times, then you have experienced the most basic form of automated programming. Turning on lights automatically based on inputs other than you pressing a button or flipping a switch is the core idea of automated programming. The light should turn on and off on its own, without any worry from you.

Usually, the time of day plays a big role in programming lighting fixtures to turn on and off, but other factors that can be tied in are:

  • Are certain people home or not?
  • Is the home vacated for a period of time?
  • Has a certain room had any lights turned on today?
  • Is the home set to some preset mode such as “Guests”, “Party”, or “Quiet Time”?

With a programmable lighting control system, it is possible to have a home run through daily checks and if certain conditions are met, activate lights accordingly.

Can Older Homes Get Automated Lighting Control?

Today’s luxury home design has an expectation of the easy control of lighting through a modern lighting control system. Managing lighting through keypads and smartphone apps has grown past novelty and become the new standard, and while for some years the retrofit of lighting control into older homes was limited by technology, that is no longer the case. Any home can now take full advantage of advanced control and automated programming.

If you have questions about your lighting control system or are looking to upgrade an older home to include these modern features, contact Custom Audio Video today or learn more about lighting control here.

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