Super Bowl Upgrades in the Fall?

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Don’t wait too long to call for an upgrade.

For those who have been thinking of replacing and older television or upgrading their AV system, it is often the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl in January and February prompt a phone call to get the ball rolling on that new upgrade. Unfortunately waiting too long to make that call can often lead to a missed opportunity to see the big game on a newer bigger TV.

75 inch flat panel Sony television with audiophile soundbar.

Care and precision take some planning.

For perfectionists like those of us here at Custom Audio Video, attention to details and care for quality go into every install and every upgrade. In most cases, an system designer has a few steps to go through to ensure that the audio-video system to be upgraded will be done properly. Behind the scenes, original specifications will be checked such as how the television is mounted, how the system is controlled, and what video sources (such as Applen TV or cable boxes) are connected. Additionally, a designer will oftentimes come out to the home to see the install, conducting a walkthrough of the system with the homeowner to review the details of the desired changes and talk through any options that may be on the table.

All of this due diligence takes some time to schedule and conduct, but is required to avoid problems and create an accurate estimate and plan.

The supply chain is a pain.

In recent years supply chain issues have become headline news, but for years before this the electronics industry has always been plagued with slow shipments and promises of product release dates that manufacturers almost always fail to deliver on. By and large, Custom Audio Video shields their clients from these supply shenanigans by not quoting products that we have not seen shipping. Unfortunately, even with our careful planning, some items take much longer to arrive these days than they did just a few years ago.

The more time allowed for product ordering, the better for everyone.

The Good News

The good news to be found amongst all these issues is that once a client makes that phone call and gets the ball rolling, the experts at Custom Audio Video will take it from there, handling all of these problems as a matter of course, as we have done for over 26 years now.

Get excited for that upgrade and make that call you have been thinking about, or come by and see us at our showroom in Sheridan Park, Bluffton to experience what options are available to improve your entertainment experience.

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